Aprilia RSV 250

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Aprilia RSV 250
Hector Faubel on a 2008 Aprilia RSA 250
Manufacturer Aprilia
Production 1991-2009
Predecessor Aprilia AF1
Engine 250 cc two-stroke engine

The Aprilia RSV 250 is a race motorcycle manufactured by Aprilia to race in the Grand Prix motorcycle World Championship. It was debuted in 1991; in its history it underwent several modifications and upgrades, which brought it to its most recent incarnation (the RSA 250). Since its inception, the bike won ten World Championships (one as Gilera, which uses rebranded Aprilia bikes) making it one of the most successful racing bikes of its category.

1991-2007: RSV and RSW[edit]

From 1991 to 2007 the bike was used in two different configurations: first the original RSV 250, then the RSW 250, a new version of the RSV used by factory teams and riders. Another version named RSW 250 LE was raced by semi-works teams while privateer riders usually raced the RSV 250 kit production racer.

Initially the front braking system was available either with 273mm carbon discs or in 300mm carbon steel, then from 1994 onwards the only version used was the double carbon disc, either with 255mm or 273mm length. The rear braking system has always been one-disc carbon steel, initially at 184mm, then from 1996 at 190mm.

2007-2009: RSA[edit]

In 2007 the bike was made available in a new version, which was amended the acronym RSA 250. It is characterized by many different details than the previous model, including the revised intake system and the new disposition of the gear unit and of thermal groups. Also, the measures of the frame changed to be able to use a longer swingarm, and obtain benefits both in acceleration and traction. Another novelty is the use of three accelerometers to get more data for the management of the power of motion in situations of low adhesion in order to speed up the development of Aprilia RSV 4 which will enter the Superbike World Championship in 2009.

The new engine is more powerful and with a wider operational period, but requires either having to stay at least at 6,000 rpm to work properly, and at 13,500 rpm in order to generate the maximum power.

The RSA (and the "evolution" version of the RSW) are used not only by Aprilia, but also by Gilera and Derbi (rebranded as such), since all three brands belong to the Piaggio group.