Apsan Park

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Apsan Park
View of south-western Daegu from Apsan Park, including some of the hills that line the southern edge of the city.
Korean name
Hangul 앞산공원
Hanja 앞山公園
Revised Romanization Apsan Gongwon
McCune–Reischauer Apsan Kongwŏn

Apsan Park is a large wilderness park located in the south of Daegu, South Korea. It covers a series of valleys and peaks of Apsan mountain.

Inside the park is a museum dedicated to the Korean War, the Nakdong River Battle Museum. The museum also contains an anti-communism hall. Nearby is a small amusement park and restaurants. A gondolla leads to one of the peaks, and a series of trails also lead to the various peaks.

Ansil-sa and a couple of other Buddhist temples are located within the park.

The area of Apsan park is 1.653 km².

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Coordinates: 35°49′12″N 128°34′44″E / 35.820°N 128.579°E / 35.820; 128.579