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The Apsilae compare literary Abkhaz Аҧсуаа [ˈaps.waː] "Abkhazian people", Bzyp Abkhaz [ˈapɕ.waː] "id.") a were one of the ancient tribes that lived on the territory of modern Abkhazia.[1]

Apsils lived in that part of modern Abkhazia which previously called Apsilia (Tsebelda).[2]

The Apsils might designate a colchian tribe or probably the Abkhaz living in the North-West of Caucasus and bordering with the Abazgs. Apsilians were also formed out of many tribes, most notably the Trakhea, Tsibil and Tsakhar.[3] For the first time Apsilae are mentioned in the writings of Pliny of the 1st century AD,[1] as well as the Flavius Arrianus in the 2nd century are mentioned as "Αψιλαι". From the second half of the 8th century Apsilae in the documents are not mentioned. Apsilae descended from the coastal part of the ancient tribes Zygii.[4]

The high development of the local manufacturing of products and tools of metal archeological artifacts is known as Tsebelda culture.

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