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Аpsilia (абх. Аҧстәыла) (the second name - Tsebelda) was the ancient and early name for the Abkhaz tribe Apsilae (апсилов).

The history is known from the 1st century AD. The culture is called the Tsebelda culture. It was absorbed by the surrounding, more powerful principality Abasgoi, in approximately 730 AD. Later, and after the inclusion of other territories and people including Misiminia, it became the Kingdom of Abkhazia.

It was located on the territory of modern Abkhazia on the Black Sea coast between the rivers Psirzcha (Псырцха) (near the present New Athos) and Aaldzga known also under the historical name "Tsebelda". It consisted of two historical regions - Gumae and Abzhywa. The most important cities were: Tusuml (Тусумэ), Tsibilae (Цибила), Pustae (Пуста), Zkibin (Цкыбын), Skotar (Скотор), Mokva (Моква). The capital was Sebastopolis.

Under King Julian (King Аpsilia) rules and customs were first codified. It became an official division of the Roman Empire under Trajan (98-117.).

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