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Apt.Core was the side project of Will Hunt, former drummer for many CCM artists such as Rebecca St. James, Shane and Shane, as well as others.[1]

Style and Influences[edit]

Apt.core's style was described as techno/trance.[2] Both albums took different sounds and moods and mixed them with different words, usually Biblical scripture. Apt.core influences ranged from Middle Eastern to electronica to dance.


Rhythms Of Remembrance - 2001[edit]

Rocketown Records[3][4]

  1. Creed
  2. The Way
  3. Meditate
  4. 40
  5. Kingdom
  6. To Be With You
  7. E. 15
  8. Life Inverted
  9. Blessed
  10. Remain in Me

2 - 2003[edit]

Rocketown Records[3][5]

  1. No Such Thing as Time
  2. A Tent for the Sun
  3. Loved
  4. Enjoy Breathing
  5. Mystery
  6. Worth More Than It Seems
  7. I Am A Temple
  8. 19
  9. Light
  10. No End To You


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