Apuan Alps

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Apuan Alps
Alpi Apuane.JPG
Apuan Alps seen from Pietrasanta.
Highest point
Peak Monte Pisanino
Elevation 1,946 m (6,385 ft)
Coordinates 44°08′01″N 10°12′52″E / 44.13361°N 10.21444°E / 44.13361; 10.21444Coordinates: 44°08′01″N 10°12′52″E / 44.13361°N 10.21444°E / 44.13361; 10.21444
Alpi Apuane Posizione.png
Location of the Apuan Alps in Italy.
Country Italy
State/Province Tuscany
Parent range Apennine Mountains
Age of rock Triassic
Northern view of the Pizzo d'Uccello.

The Apuan Alps (Italian: Alpi Apuane) are a mountain range in northern Tuscany, Italy, part of the Apennine Mountains. They are included between the valleys of the Serchio and Magra rivers, and, to north-west, the Garfagnana and Lunigiana. The name derives from that of the Apuani Ligures tribe who lived here in ancient times.

Geology and geography[edit]

The chain formed in the middle Triassic period, somewhat earlier than the rest of the Apennines, and on a rather different geological structure, formed by a sea landscape. Karst topography is widespread, as well as the marble rocks (including the world famous Carrara marble) for which the area is renowned.

The highest peak is the Monte Pisanino (1,946 m).

Main peaks[edit]

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