Apusiaajik Glacier

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Apusiaajik Glacier
Apusiaajik Glacier seen from Kulusuk Island
Location in Greenland
Location in Greenland
Apusiaajik Glacier
Location in Greenland
Type Mountain glacier
Location Apusiaajik Island, Sermersooq, Greenland
Coordinates 65°39′10″N 37°03′25″W / 65.65278°N 37.05694°W / 65.65278; -37.05694Coordinates: 65°39′10″N 37°03′25″W / 65.65278°N 37.05694°W / 65.65278; -37.05694
Terminus Torsuut Tunoq, North Atlantic

Apusiaajik Glacier is a tidewater glacier on the uninhabited Apusiaajik Island in the Sermersooq municipality on the southeastern shore of Greenland.[1]


During summer, the glacier edge is a popular tourist destination for boat trips from Tasiilaq and Kulusuk.[2] During winter it is possible to reach the front of the glacier crossing the frozen Torsuut Tunoq sound on foot or on snowmobile.


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