Aqua Teen Hunger Force (season 3)

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force (season 3)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume Four.png
Volume Four DVD cover, which features the entire third season.
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Original network Adult Swim
Original release April 25, 2004 –
October 24, 2004
Season chronology
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Season 4
List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes

The third season of the animated television series Aqua Teen Hunger Force originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late-night programming block Adult Swim. Season three started on April 25, 2004 with "Video Ouija" and ended with "Carl" on October 24, 2004, with a total of thirteen episodes. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is about the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad, who live together as roommates and frequently interact with their human next-door neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski in a suburban neighborhood in South New Jersey.

In season three the cold openings featuring Dr. Weird and Steve were replaced with clips from the failed pilot Spacecataz, a potential spin-off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Episodes in season three were written and directed by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro. Almost every episode in this season features a special guest appearance, which continues a practice used in past seasons. This season has been made available on DVD and other forms of home media, including on demand streaming on Hulu Plus.


Every episode in this season was written and directed by series creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, who have both written and directed every episode of the series. All episodes originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. This season was one of the original seasons branded under the Aqua Teen Hunger Force title before Willis and Maiellaro started using a different alternative title for each season in 2011.[1] As with most seasons, several episodes originally aired outside of their production order.

In season three the cold openings featuring Dr. Weird and Steve are replaced with clips from the pilot episode of Spacecataz. Spacecataz is a failed pilot for a potential Aqua Teen Hunger Force spin-off, surrounding a feud amongst The Mooninites and The Plutonians, which was never aired on television. The length of each clip was determined by the length of the episode.[2] The cold opens were discontinued entirely beginning in the fourth season, with the one time exception of the season eight episode "Allen Part 1", making season three the final season to feature consistent cold openings.


In season three the main cast consisted of Dana Snyder who provided the voice of Master Shake,[3] Carey Means who provided the voice of Frylock,[4] and series co-creator Dave Willis who provided the voice of both Meatwad and Carl Brutananadilewski; and recurring character Ignignokt.[5][6][7] Season three also features recurring voices from Matt Maiellaro who voiced Err, George Lowe who voiced himself as various characters MC Chris who voiced McPee Pants, Andy Merrill who voiced Oglethorpe and Merle, and Mike Schatz who voiced Emory.

Season three also featured many guest appearances. In "Remooned" Nick Ingkatanuwat voiced Cliff and Vishal Roney voiced Foodie-Mart clerk.[8] Ted Nugent voiced himself in "Gee Whiz".[9] Robobsiter was voiced by comedian Sarah Silverman in "Robositter".[10] Dusty Gozongas was voiced by Scott Thompson in "Dusty Gozongas".[11] Akhenaton Nickens made a cameo as a ginat unnamed larva at the end of "Diet".[12] In "Hypno-Germ" Janeane Garofalo (credited as Beverly Center) provided the voice of Donna and Bob Odenkirk (credited as "Vance Hammersly") voiced Bean Wizard. "Hypno-Germ" also features now-Adult Swim veterans Tim Heidecker, and Eric Wareheim of the comedy duo Tim & Eric; Heidecker voiced the basketball and Wareheim voiced Germ King.[13]


No. in
Title  Directed by  Written by  Original air date  Prod.
43 1 "Video Ouija" Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro April 25, 2004 (2004-04-25) 301

Meatwad is playing an Atari game called Video Ouija, which allows players to communicate with the dead like a ouija board. Shake interrupts and takes the controller, causing Meatwad to get a game over. Meatwad tattles to Frylock, who was there the whole time. Frylock tells Meatwad that it is time for bed. Meatwad begs to play just one more time. He communicates with the ghost in the game, which talks about its sister's baby. Meanwhile, Shake calls Frylock into the hallway, where he's set up a noose, so he can die and get into Meatwad's game. Frylock cuts the noose down before he asphyxiates, enraging Shake, who complains that Frylock "always takes his [Meatwad's] side".

Later, Carl knocks on the door to show Frylock his pool, which is full of blood and piranhas, and Frylock finds a suicide note from Shake. A flashback shows that Shake breathed exhaust from a hose connected to Carl's car, popped a bottle of sleeping pills, and jumped in the pool, which he packed full of piranhas and connected to several car batteries (apparently not wanting to take any chances that his suicide would be unsuccessful). Carl is only upset that he cannot press charges, and threatens Frylock when Frylock leaves without cleaning up the mess.

Meatwad has gotten bored with Video Ouija, and has moved onto a new game: Insult Master. Frylock tries to get Meatwad to play Video Ouija again, but Meatwad has had enough of the ghost talking about its sister's baby. Frylock breaks the news to Meatwad about Shake's death, but Meatwad is unaffected, so Frylock plays the game himself to communicate with Shake. Shake wants out of the game because he's annoyed by the ghost baby, who will not stop crying. He asks Frylock to bring him back to life.

Frylock hires a witch doctor named to bring Shake back, but insists that he only works with chickens. Frylock hires him anyway, as their only other option was a phony magician. Using a fog machine and a long staff with a chicken head on it, attempts to bring Shake back. This also requires Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl to hold hands. After many failures due to repeatedly failing to realize that he is not resurrecting a chicken, Frylock blows up and tries doing the same thing he was doing. A gigantic mega-ultra-chicken which mentioned earlier comes out of the sky, flattening Carl except for his hand, which Meatwad is left holding.
44 2 "Unremarkable Voyage" Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro May 9, 2004 (2004-05-09) 302

Frylock introduces a shrink ray to Master Shake and Meatwad, which they immediately abuse by shrinking and enlarging objects in the living room. Frylock demonstrates its real purpose, to produce large and powerful computer chips and shrink them to a usable size. Meatwad eats the chip. Frylock gives Meatwad all sorts of laxatives so that he can get the chip back, but these have no effect. Apparently, Meatwad's body consumes all waste materials rather than excreting them, so his body lacks the necessary functions.

Frylock decides to shrink himself so that he can go inside of Meatwad to retrieve the chip. Master Shake has other plans, as he shrinks Frylock and forces him into battle with a shrunken Carl. Frylock does not want to fight, but Shake has promised Carl to "make his Johnson bigger" if he wins. Master Shake shrinks Frylock even more, to the point where he disappears, leaving Carl to face a shrunken Meatwad. Eventually, the three (all shrunken very small) end up inside Master Shake's head, and discover he has no brain. They manipulate Shake through his nerve endings, forcing him to beat himself with a bat and cut out his tongue with a chainsaw.

With Shake out of commission, Frylock manages to push the button on it to enlarge Meatwad, who falls asleep instead of enlarging Frylock and Carl. This leaves Frylock and Carl no choice but to destroy Shake's eye to get out of his head. All of the shrunken and enlarged items suddenly go back to normal, including the computer chip that is still inside Meatwad. Frylock destroys the shrink ray, but not before Carl enlarges his penis to immense size, as well as his crab lice.
45 3 "Remooned"
"Mooninites 3: Remooned"
Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro August 15, 2004 (2004-08-15) 303

The Mooninites come across a gigantic check, which they believe to be a government stipend for a crazy relative of Ignignokt's named Cliff (who gets crushed by a rock as they leave). It is several times bigger than they are and is covered in what appears to be some sort of squarish writing. The Mooninites travel to Earth to cash the check.

Back on Earth, Master Shake attempts to microwave Meatwad with some tinfoil, however Frylock discovered Shake's "crudely drawn plans" and has reversed the rays in the microwave earlier, causing the kitchen to melt. At that time, the Mooninites break in coerce Master Shake and Meatwad to help them cash the check, although Frylock suggests that they go to a "check-cashing place". The Mooninites refuse to follow an Earthlings suggestions and instead head to a convenience store. There the store clerk tells them that he does not cash checks, despite the Mooninites attempt to "lay into him".

The Mooninites decide they need someone with identification to cash the check. When they cannot work out a proper deal with Carl, they knock him out, shave off the hair on the back of his head and mustache, and have Meatwad disguise as Carl. When that fails, Meatwad decides to take from the "take a penny, leave a penny" tray and buy gum. Meatwad then tells Ignignokt of everything else at the store, prompting Err to rob it.

When they return home, Frylock scans the check, and it turns out that what they thought was a check is, in fact, actually a radioactive bill, the radiation causing Shake's hands to turn long and pale. When the Mooninites try to microwave their stolen food, it does not work due to the rays being reversed, prompting the Aqua Teens to evacuate the house before it explodes. Afterwards, Carl wakes up to his hair and 'stache being gone. Frylock tells him that it makes him look younger, though Carl believes that it makes him look gay.

Guest appearances: Nick Ingkatanuwat as Cliff and Vishal Roney as Foodie-Mart clerk.
46 4 "Gee Whiz" Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro August 22, 2004 (2004-08-22) 304

Frylock learns that people have been seeing the face of Jesus on a billboard. However, he can't actually say 'Jesus' because of Standards and Practices. He shows Meatwad a video explaining the process, which helps keep funny ideas away from TV viewers. The movie itself has George Lowe as the narrator, who demonstrates Standards and Practices by blowing a nun's head of with a shotgun. Whereas a fountain of blood spurting from her neck is unacceptable, a rainbow emerging from her neck is. Thereafter, the character is referred to as "Gee Whiz" (who Frylock describes as looking like Ted Nugent). Every time someone curses or says "black" in this episode, a red X appears on the screen, and a various sound effect is played instead of the usual beep.

The Aqua Teens decide to check out the billboard. Meatwad prays for a "meat craver's" pizza with a thick crust and mild sauce and leaves money to pay for it. After they leave, Master Shake comes out of hiding and tries to steal the money, but he is thwarted by flaming arrows from above. Back home, Frylock tries to explain to Meatwad the story of Jesus, but quickly finds out that a genetic impossibility has happened - Meatwad has become pregnant.

After dealing with Meatwad's apparent pregnancy and his mood swings for a few days (such as repeatedly cursing about how there is no ice cream), the Aqua Teens and Carl throw Meatwad a baby shower, after which they decide to take a sonogram of the baby using a program Frylock stole off the Internet. They discover that Meatwad is filled with spider eggs, which isn't the first time Meatwad has been a host for bugs, and shortly the spiders hatch and explode out of Meatwad's body, filling the entire house.

Ted Nugent approaches the Aqua Teens and reveals that it was HIS image that was seen on the billboard. He then shoots Carl, who states that he is a huge fan, with a flaming arrow, mistaking him for a "varmint". After several warnings not to move, Carl sets off a bomb in the arrow, blowing off the upper half of his body and a rainbow rises out of his body. Frylock and Shake are thankful, because they would have been "Mutha'Fucking offended" if he bled.

Frylock and Shake cuss some more, and it's censored in the same manner. The Standards & Practices guy says "acceptable," and a checkmark appears over the screen, ending the episode.
47 5 "eDork" Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro August 29, 2004 (2004-08-29) 305
Master Shake purchases and dons numerous robotic enhancements to allow him to connect ever more technologically to the world at large. Carl joins him, but ultimately the enhancements perform in ways neither expected, and are very heavy, rendering both Shake and Carl unable to walk. Though they order a pair of legs and robotic heads to help them move around, the legs cause Carl to unwittingly bang Shake while the heads eventually walk them to Carl's pool, where both are electrocuted and explode.
48 6 "Robositter" Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro September 12, 2004 (2004-09-12) 306

Master Shake and Frylock get jobs at the food court, processing meat into drinks. When they come home, Carl, who was apparently supposed to babysit Meatwad, tells them that he let Meatwad get into the medicine cabinet. Meatwad appears in the kitchen as a sunflower saying that the pills are jelly beans. The next day, Frylock unveils Robositter (a robot which appears to be made of random metal trash from around the house).

After they leave, Robositter (who has a teenage girl's voice, despite her appearance) demands the phone. Meatwad gives her a toy phone, saying that you can call Candyland, but you need a calling card made of candy. Robositter says that she'll tear his soul apart and then throws him at the wall. While Meatwad is crying, Robositter calls her friend Sheila. When Meatwad approaches her again she ends up chasing him down the street with a whirring spike at the end of her arm.

The scene shifts to the mall, where Shake quits his job, leaving Frylock to do it alone. Then Robositter comes by with her robot friend Sheila (who she made). Robositter is wearing makeup, a thong, and a halter top. They demand money from Frylock to get tramp stamps. Robositter insults Frylock and he lures the robots to look into a liquifying machine, which he turns on. Meanwhile, Meatwad has burned down Carl's house.
49 7 "Little Brittle" Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro September 5, 2004 (2004-09-05) 307

Meatwad has another new rap album, and as with the other two, he's playing it loud enough for the whole house to hear. His album is from a new hip-hop artist, an old man named Little Brittle - who Frylock assumes is MC Pee Pants, the creature from whom Meatwad bought the other two albums (the first under his real name, the second under Sir Loin). After not being able to convince Meatwad that it really is MC Pee Pants, he decides that they should go to 612 Wharf Avenue, where they had gone before to meet the rapper. However, Meatwad informs him that Little Brittle is at Tragic Castles Retirement Home, and they should go there to visit him. Shake wants to come, but only if they make a side trip to Peru. After he is refused, he tells Frylock that Dracula called and "he's coming tonight" (an insult he used in several episodes).

Naturally, since he's a doddering old man in his latest Satan-punishment persona, Little Brittle doesn't remember what happened in the past, despite Frylock showing him pictures of what happened before with them. Little Brittle doesn't remember anything of what happened, even treating Meatwad like his grandson. Frylock then leaves Meatwad with Little Brittle, despite the fact that he "smells like lotion and doo-doo."

After leaving, Meatwad returns home to find Frylock and Shake arguing over cupcakes. Frylock tries to get Meatwad to bring Little Brittle some cupcakes, but Meatwad says Little Brittle won't eat them because the government made them too hard to chew on purpose.

Meatwad then tries to turn Little Brittle into a vampire by biting him with his one tooth. Frylock sees what's going on, and finally Little Brittle/MC Pee Pants reveals why he's come back...because he wants to be bitten by a vampire and live forever. He released the CD in Transylvania so vampires could listen to it and come help him out. He doesn't want to go back to Hell and find out what Satan has planned for him next (after turning him into a cow and a worm in Super Sir Loin and The Last One, respectively). Frylock tries to convince him that he won't ever be bitten by a vampire...but a vampire comes into the retirement home and grants Little Brittle his wish, saying that he was so cool and that he loved his record.

Little Brittle then comes outside to show off his new look, apparently unaware that vampires cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. He quickly explodes, and ends up back in hell as a bat, which Satan doesn't care for.
50 8 "Moon Master"
"Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning"
Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro September 19, 2004 (2004-09-19) 308
Meatwad finds a new video game under his pillow called Moon Master, which is a deceptively easy game the Mooninites placed to recruit people to fight a character called the "Gorgotron". The Mooninites convince Meatwad to go along with a pyramid scheme which involves selling poor-quality Moon Master merchandise. Master Shake too falls prey to the Mooninites' scheme, and he, Meatwad, and Carl try to get Frylock to buy stuff from the catalog.
51 9 "Dusty Gozongas" Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro October 3, 2004 (2004-10-03) 309

Master Shake tries to use the gas line for a torch for a fake Olympics Ceremony. When it fails (like all of Shake's plans), Frylock extinguishes it and calls someone from the city. But the person from the city is Dusty Gozongas, a stripper from the Wild Wild Chest club. For the rest of the episode, Shake and Carl fight each other over her…culminating in Dusty spraying them in the eyes with mace and she is subsequently abducted by Wrench Aliens.

Guest appearance: Scott Thompson as Dusty Gozongas (credited as "Veronica Billingsley").
52 10 "Diet"
"The South Bronx Paradise Diet"
Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro September 26, 2004 (2004-09-26) 310

Meatwad is power walking to lose weight so he can wear his roller skates again. Carl shows up and makes a bet with Frylock that he can lose more weight than Meatwad, thanks to his "South Bronx Paradise" diet. The loser buys the winner a case of Carl's favourite beer. Master Shake tries to get in on the bet, but instead ends up trying to make Meatwad lose the competition. Frylock inadvertently kills Shake by extracting his contents with his vacuum cleaner (on Shake's request).

Over the course of the episode, Carl gets so thin, that in the last few minutes of the episode, his pants fall down (of which no one, not even Carl, notices). Frylock starts to question the diet bars. He examines them with his microscope and discovers they are filled with parasitic larvae. Frylock realizes that the name of the diet is actually "South Bronx Parasite". A large larva then bursts out of Carl's body, lays Carl's mutilated body on the scale, and excitedly cheers "I won! In your face, Frylock!". The Aqua Teens flee the house in terror.

Guest appearance: Akhenaton Nickens as the large larva
53 11 "T-Shirt of the Dead" Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro October 10, 2004 (2004-10-10) 311

While at a museum, the Aqua Teens come across a T-shirt that was alleged to give Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead, his powers. Master Shake, who didn't want to even be there in the first place, suddenly finds an interest in the shirt and decides to steal it. Telling Meatwad to take the form of a hammer, Shake swoops in, smashes the glass case the shirt is in with a crowbar, and steals the shirt, leaving Meatwad to be corralled by museum security.

Back at the Aqua Teens' house, Shake tries to use the shirt, but can't because a) he apparently doesn't know how, and b) it needs a washing because apparently after over 5,000,000 years, it "smells like ass," according to Frylock.

The shirt finds its way into the Aqua Teens' washing machine, along with Meatwad's "Christmas sock". Shake is very angry upon hearing this, and tells Meatwad that it needed to be in there with a full bottle of bleach and washed in very hot water (although Frylock, who apparently can read hieroglyphics, says it's cold water only). The laundry comes out of the washer, with Meatwad's Christmas sock faded and Shake's T-shirt shrunk considerably, so much so that only Meatwad can wear it. Shake then gives the shirt to Meatwad and tells him to do his bidding. Frylock heads off to the mall.

The first thing Shake wants is a plague of snakes... however, Meatwad's signals get crossed, and he ends up calling the Easter bunny instead. Another try nets the Easter bunny's twin brother, Darryl. On the next try, Meatwad brings in Santa Claus, who first scolds Shake for being a naughty boy (to which Shake replies by saying "Don't play with me, fat man."), then scolds Meatwad for calling him in the middle of July when he was asleep, telling him that the elves don't come in to him until September. After Meatwad tells him what he wants for Christmas, Santa tells him that it doesn't work the way he thinks it does. Meatwad then decides to make one of his presents, a unicorn with a banana seat and a horn, appear, although he can't seem to get the horn right.

Next door in Carl's yard, another of Meatwad's creations, Eggzilla (a giant fire-breathing Easter egg) is wreaking havoc. Santa goes outside to see what happened, and is set ablaze by Eggzilla. Carl comes next door to complain to Meatwad about it, then promptly gets his house crushed by Eggzilla and his girlfriend. Frustrated, Carl starts to take a crowbar to his car.

Frylock returns home to see what happened, and hooks a badly burned Santa up to a life support system after putting him out and dragging him inside the house. Santa vows that if he makes it out alive, he's "going to beat the *bleep*" out of Meatwad. Frylock tries to reason with Santa, telling him that Meatwad just got a little carried away with the t-shirt's power. However, Santa's not persuaded, and says Meatwad got "a lot carried away", then claiming that Meatwad will get the remote-control racecar he wanted, "far up his ass". Frylock tries to reason with Santa as he says he might see if the reindeer like meat this year. Santa then attempts to get up to go after Meatwad, but Frylock pushes him back onto the ground, telling him he needs to rest. Santa then remembers Frylock is Meatwad's roommate, and asks him who will deliver the toys for him if he dies, to which Frylock answers that he doesn't know. Santa assumes that Frylock doesn't know how Santa's job works, and asks if he can borrow Frylock's phone, so he can call the police. Santa then asks Frylock to bring him a mirror so he can see how his face looks. Frylock seems reluctant, and Santa assumes he looks like a monster, which Frylock tries to say that he doesn't. Santa sarcastically comments on how Mrs. Claus will want to see him under the mistletoe looking the way that he is, while Frylock tries to tell him he will be fine once his beard and eyebrows grow back. Santa then proclaims himself "Horror Claus", and lays back down saying "Oh god." After a while, Santa says that the room's getting cold, which Frylock says means he's going into shock, which Santa immediately denies. Frylock calls Meatwad into the room, and Santa joins him, saying "Take a look at what you've done to me!". Meatwad comes in wearing a banana suit and is shocked by what he sees. He tries to fool Frylock by making up a story that Santa was a burglar and was lit on fire by bad wiring, but Frylock easily sees through Meatwad's lie. The Easter bunny suggests giving Santa a chocolate Easter bunny, and Frylock shoots off the bunny's face in response.

Finally, Christmas Eve rolls around, with the Aqua Teens joining Santa (who's been giving a soccer ball-style skin graft by his elves) in his sleigh delivering presents, having submitted to Meatwad being their master. They stop at a boy named Jeffy's house, and he gets a wooden brain (he wanted a wooden train, but Santa tells Frylock that Jeffy's not a bright child, so he wouldn't care). Meatwad says, "Jeffy's just gonna have to bite the bullet on this one, because it has been a long night, and we ain't even done the Eastern Seaboard yet." Shake, who has been turned into a reindeer by Meatwad, wants to know when he's going to get to deliver some toys. After Shake is told that he can do the Middle East by himself, he says "*bleep* you" to Meatwad, who tells him to "cry me a river, bitch!"
54 12 "Hypno-Germ" Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro October 17, 2004 (2004-10-17) 312

Master Shake starts hallucinating when a band of "Hypno-Germs" invade his brain and try to stage an outlandish play inside his head.

Guest appearances: Janeane Garofalo as Donna (credited as Beverly Center), Bob Odenkirk as Bean Wizard (credited as "Vance Hammersly"), Eric Wareheim as the Germ King, and Tim Heidecker as the basketball.
55 13 "Carl"
"Spacegate World"
Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro October 24, 2004 (2004-10-24) 313

Meatwad leaves his dolls with Carl while the Aqua Teens go on vacation to Panama City, Florida. A crudely drawn and incomprehensible message was scratched into Carl's house with instructions on taking care of Dewey, Vanessa, and Boxy Brown. Being incomprehensible, Carl's only response to reading the note is, 'All right, what the *car alarm activation* does this say?" before Meatwad gives him a call explaining what he said in the message.

Meatwad's in Panama City trying to scare up some money for his stand-up comedy act, which he calls Meatwad Unplugged: No Buns Allowed, when he calls Carl to chat with him, and explain to him what the incomprehensible message etched into his house says. After Carl cannot get any explanation of the message besides "It's about feedin' dolls, or somethin'", he decides to "cool off" Meatwad's dolls with some gasoline, which he then throws a match into, lighting them and the bush they're tied to on fire. To douse the flame, Carl pees on them.

After awhile, Carl decides to go in his pool (which he hasn't cleaned in quite a while), and farts while inside. Realizing that there was no one around to see it happen, Carl gets mad and decides to record himself farting in the pool. However, he can't do it..."It's too much pressure!", he says.

Out of his complete boredom and solitude, Carl decides to start talking to Meatwad's dolls, explaining the virtues of peeing into a coffee can to save water. After that his lunch, some lo mein from a Chinese take-out place comes, and he dumps his urine out in the yard and fails to tip the delivery man more than five cents. After trying to get the delivery man to come in and hang out with him, Carl calls him an asshole and threatens to call his supervisor.

Carl then decides that he won't eat with the chopsticks he was given, and then doesn't feel like walking to the kitchen to get a he just starts eating the lo mein with his hands, causing the sauce to drip on his chest. "No harm, no foul," he says.

Furthering his loneliness, Carl decides to pick up the phone and start calling some of his former high school classmates from the Class of 1981 (at 2:00 AM), calling his former crush, Donna Bryson, who hangs up on him. ("That's what your mom said, before I shaved her back!") Carl is so lonely that he even decides to call Denise Zambrano, a fat girl from the high school flag team who had a unibrow.

Meanwhile, down in Florida, Frylock tells a sunburned Shake that if he gets lucky down at the clambake the hotel is holding, Shake will have to sleep on the beach because he will need the bed. Shake then promptly throws the bed out the window, squishing Meatwad.

Back in South Jersey, Carl's loneliness has reached the point where he has called a phone sex line, but refuses to accept the charges that they are making him pay...on his phone. Carl goes next door to the Aqua Teen's House to continue the conversation (and make the Aqua Teens pay his bill), but is caught by Frylock's security robot, Rudy, who flies down to Florida to get the Aqua Teens and tell them what Carl is doing. Carl's curiosity then leads him into Frylock's room, where a woman's hand reaches through a strange inter-dimensional portal. Carl plays with the strange device, only to have his entire skin ripped off by the hand, leaving him standing alone in horror, with his muscles and organs exposed. This was all done by the Amazing Mongrel, an inter-dimensional being who apparently works as some kind of magician for some otherworldly circus in another realm of existence.

In Florida, the Aqua Teens have finally met some women: Amber, a fat foodaholic woman in a bikini, and her friend Stacy, a woman with hairy legs and a halo neck brace, which also holds her broken arms. Unfortunately for Frylock, who was asking out the halo wearer, his date gets blown up by Rudy, who thought she was trying to rob Frylock. After Meatwad sets the area on fire with illegal fireworks he got from a store across the street, they finally return home, where Meatwad is threatened with death by Boxy if he ever leaves him with Carl again.

Frylock goes into his room and discovers what has happened to Carl, who is slowly dying due to infectious exposure to the air, without the aid of his skin to protect himself. Carl refuses to move, suffering in pain and shock from the injury. He then gets blown up by an angry Rudy, who guns him down with a minigun that protrudes from his chest. Frylock tries to stop him but it is too late. Carl is reduced to a puddle of blood and tissue. Meanwhile, Shake is now flirting with the female hand that emerges from the inter-dimensional portal, only for Mongrel to pull Shake's skin off. This prompts Shake to remark that his sunburn feels better. Again, Frylock tries to step in but it is too late. Shake then gets blown up by Rudy because Meatwad told him he took his wallet.

Home release[edit]

The entire third season was released on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume Four DVD on December 6, 2005. The set was released by Adult Swim and distributed by Warner Home Video, and features multiple special features including the failed pilot of Spacecataz and commentaries on select episodes. The first disc features a gag where selecting 'Play All' on the menu screen literally causes all of the episodes on the two DVDs to play on the screen simultaneously. The second disc features a 'Play None' option. Selecting this option causes the screen to go black for an indefinite amount of time.[14] The set was later released in Region 4 by Madman Entertainment on February 4, 2009.[15] The set was released in Region 2 on July 5, 2010.[16]

This season was also released under the label "Season 4" on iTunes, the Xbox Live Marketplace, and Amazon Video under the label "Volume Four".[17][18][19] In 2015 this season was made available for on-demand streaming on Hulu Plus,[20] as part of a deal made with Hulu and Turner Broadcasting.[21]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume Four
Set details [22] Special features
  • 13 episodes
  • 2-disc set
  • 1.33:1 aspect ratio
  • Languages:
    • English
    • English subtitles
    • Spanish subtitles
    • French subtitles
  • Audio commentary:
    • "Video Ouija"
    • "Unremarkable Voyage"
    • "Gee Whiz"
    • "eDork"
    • "Little Brittle"
    • "Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning"
    • "Dusty Gozongas"
    • "Hypno-Germ"
    • "Spacegate World"
  • Alternative audio tracks:
    • "Mooninites 3: Remooned"
    • "Robositter"
    • "Diet"
    • "T-shirt of the Dead"
  • Funny Pete Stuff
  • San Diego Must Be Destroyed 2004
  • Spacecataz, a failed pilot spin-off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Raydon
  • F-ART
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Release dates
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December 6, 2005 July 5, 2010 February 4, 2009

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