Aqua Vita (video game)

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Aqua Vita
Aqua vita ps3 cover.png
European cover
Developer(s) SCE London Studio, Playlogic Entertainment
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Distributor(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Series PlayStation Eye
Engine Havok
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
  • EU: October 25, 2007[1]
  • NA: November 20, 2007[2]
Genre(s) Interactive art, Life simulation game, Casual game
Mode(s) 1 player

Aqua Vita (renamed Aquatopia in the North American market) is an interactive virtual aquarium developed by SCE London Studio in association with Playlogic Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 platform, which utilizes the PlayStation Eye camera peripheral. It was released on the European PlayStation Store on October 25, 2007 and appeared on the North American PlayStation Store on November 20, 2007.


It is the first title in a series of "interactive art" software requiring a connected PlayStation Eye. The player uses their own fingers to feed the tropical salt water fishes (food will drop) or to virtually touch the water surface with their hands. As a life simulation game, the fishes interact with the motion sensitive camera and between themselves, also the vegetation moves with the current.

Fish species[edit]

By default the aquarium's fishes are selected at random with all kind of species, however by pressing the Start button, the player has the ability to choose them.

It is possible to select a single species (each one with its own character: small ones are energetic and gregarious, biggest are generally calm and lone) to mix them or even to not include fish at all and leave the aquarium with only corals and the resident red-knobbed sea star. Selectable species are available as follow:

Remote Play[edit]

Aqua Vita is compatible with the Remote Play function and as such can run on an activated PlayStation Portable through a wi-fi connection.

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