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Aquabiking,[1] also called aqua cycling, is an underwater spinning workout. Individuals seat on a bike in a swimming pool and pedal in order to work out. The popularity of this water workout is spreading throughout [2] and into the United States. Aquabiking is similar to traditional spinning classes that take place on land.

Aquabike Series[edit]

The Aquabike Races is an endurance sport composed of swimming and cycling stages. In 2006, USA Triathlon sanctioned about 30 Aquabike events with many taking place at the 70.3 miles events. It consists of swimming and biking, usually taking place simultaneously with and on the same outdoor course as a triathlon competition. The running stage is eliminated so that people with joint problems prohibiting them from running such distances can still compete.

The Aquabike Series was a pilot program in 2005 in which athletes competed in the swimming and cycling portions of a half or ultra distance triathlon, but did not do the run. As of 2011, at least 29 states were holding Aquabike events.


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