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Aquafresh logo.PNG
Product type Oral hygiene
Owner GlaxoSmithKline
Country United Kingdom
Introduced 1973
Markets United Kingdom
Previous owners Beecham Group

Aquafresh (originally stylized as "Aqua-Fresh") is a brand of oral healthcare products produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). It was first introduced by GSK's predecessor the Beecham Group in 1973,[1] originally in a "Double Protection" formula, by combining a "white" fluoride toothpaste for cavity protection and an "aqua" gel for fresh breath, hence the name. It was reformulated into a "Triple Protection" formula ten years later in 1983, when a "red" gel was added for healthy gums; as such, the three stripes – red, white, and aqua, have since become registered trademarks. Since then, advertising has marked this as a "complete toothpaste" and a "whole mouth paste".


  • Aquafresh Triple Protection – Aquafresh introduced this type of toothpaste in 1981, which, as they said, "gives good breath, strengthens teeth with fluoride, and fights cavities".
  • Aquafresh White & Shine – This toothpaste was introduced as a product that not only protected against cavities, but significantly whitened teeth.
  • Aquafresh Extreme Clean – This brand is marketed specifically to kill bad breath. Aquafresh says that this brand works because of "micro-active foam." This is available in mint and cold flavors.
  • Aquafresh also offers a sensitive teeth toothpaste, marketed to those with "touchy" teeth.
  • Aquafresh Bubblemint – This toothpaste is available for children. It is advertised as having a "unique nozzle action".
  • Aquafresh Isoactive, a "foaming gel" claimed to remove 25% more bacteria, introduced in 2008.[2]
  • Aquafresh Training Toothpaste, a special toothpaste without fluoride for ages 3–24 months
  • Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste, "provides gentle fluoride protection for baby teeth and gums with a gentle tooth care and calcium formula"
  • Aquafresh Ultimate – This toothpaste is marketed as "whole tooth protection"; it is supposed to kill bacteria, which helps protect below the gum line as well as strengthening the tooth above the gum line.

Other products[edit]

Aquafresh has also started a line of toothbrushes for children and adults. In 2004, they introduced the Max-Active brand, which was promoted as the first to fit the size of any tooth. There are also Dragon Tales toothbrushes for children and mouthwash.

Aquafresh's DentiChew, a chewing gum to have a short substitute for brushing, flossing, and mouthwashing to an extent, was one almost unrecognized product. Citing unnoticability on market shelves, and poor dentist demands, the product was only on the market for a few weeks.

Aquafresh also launched a tooth-whitening product, Aquafresh White Trays, in February 2007.


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