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The Aquarius logo.

Aquarius is a mineral sports drink manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company. It originated in, and was first introduced in 1983 in Japan as a grapefruit-flavored sports drink,[1] as a response to a competitor's brand of sports drink called Pocari Sweat. It was introduced to Spain and Portugal in 1991, and it was the official drink of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona and 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing; Aquarius will also be the official drink of the 2016 and 2020 Summer Olympics.[2][3] The brand has been heavily marketed by giving away free samples in sporting events.[4] Currently, it is marketed in Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Macau, Morocco, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia[5] and the majority of its consumers are non-athletes.[3]

Aquarius is available in the following flavors: Citrus Blend, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Watermelon, Red Peach, Blueberry.[5] The availability of these flavors changes from country to country.

In Malaysia, Maldives and Brazil, bottled water is also available under the Aquarius brand.[5]

Aquarius worldwide[edit]

Aquarius Bottle.jpg


In Argentina, is also available under the brand of "Aquarius by Cepita". Cepita is a local juice based-product company owned by Coca-Cola.

  • Aquarius Pera (Pear flavored)
  • Aquarius Manzana (Apple flavored)
  • Aquarius Pomelo (Grapefruit flavored)
  • Aquarius Uva (Grape flavored)
  • Aquarius Naranja (Orange flavored)
  • Aquarius Pomelo Rosado (Pink Grapefruit flavored)
  • Aquarius Limonada (Lemonade flavored)


  • Aquarius Limited Edition Tropical
  • Aquarius Grapefruit[6]
  • Aquarius Lemon
  • Aquarius Orange
  • Aquarius Blue Berry
  • Aquarius Perform
  • Aquarius Red Blast
  • Aquarius Red Peach
  • Aquarius Green Splash


  • Aquarius Fresh


In Chile, it is also available under the brand of "Aquarius by Andina".

  • Aquarius Pera (Pear flavored)
  • Aquarius Manzana (Apple flavored)
  • Aquarius Uva (Grape flavored)
  • Aquarius Piña (Pineapple flavored)[7]
  • Aquarius Limón (Lemon flavored)


  • Aquarius (Grapefruit flavored)
  • Aquarius (Lemon flavored)

Hong Kong and Macau[edit]

  • Aquarius
  • Aquarius Vitamin Guard
  • Aquarius Zero


  • Aquarius


  • Aquarius


  • Aquarius[8]
  • Aquarius Active Diet (Citrus Blend flavored)
  • Aquarius Freestyle
  • Aquarius Oasis
  • Aquarius Real-Pro
  • Aquarius Vitamin Guard
  • Aquarius Sharp Charge
  • Aquarius Zero
  • Aquarius Water


In Mexico, a sparkling water with a hint of flavors is available under the Aquarius brand.

  • Aquarius Sprite (Lemon-Lime flavored)
  • Aquarius Fanta (Orange flavored)
  • Aquarius Lift (Apple flavored)


  • Aquarius Lemon
  • Aquarius Lemon Zero Sugar
  • Aquarius Blueberry
  • Aquarius Orange
  • Aquarius Red Peach
  • Aquarius Endurance Formula


In Peru, "Aquarius Frugos" is sold nationwide in 500 ml plastic bottles.

  • Aquarius Pera (Pear flavored)
  • Aquarius Manzana (Apple flavored)
  • Aquarius Piña (Pineapple flavored)
  • Aquarius Naranja (Orange flavored)


  • Aquarius
  • Aquarius Laranja (Orange flavored)


  • Aquarius[3]
  • Aquarius Naranja (Orange flavored)[3]
  • Aquarius versión 3 (Coca-Cola flavored). This version was launched in Spain in '06 and was only available for a limited time.[9]
  • Aquarius Libre (0% Sugar/Sugarless)
  • Aquarius Libre Naranja (0% Sugar/Sugarless with Orange flavored)