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State: Ceará
Area: 480.976 km²
Area (% of the state) 0.33%
Population: 70,938
Pop. density: 147.5 inh./km²
Latitude: 03° 54' 03" S
Longitude: 38° 23' 27" W
Timezone: GMT−3
Altitude: 14m
Official Day:  ????
Name meaning: "Water, dead ahead"
Distance from capital: 30 km
Official saint:  ???

Aquiraz is the thirteenth largest city in the state of Ceará, located on the nation's northeast coast, a popular vacation destination.


The city was founded by regal order on 13 February 1699 but was not truly installed until 1713. In the eighteenth century the Society of Jesus did notable work in the area. Aquiraz also served as the seat-city of Ceará before Fortaleza.

Places of interest[edit]

Notable structures include the Museu Sacro São José de Ribamar, the Igreja Matriz de São José de Ribamar and the Beach Park

Notable resident[edit]

  • Ana Miranda – Poet who currently resides in Aquiraz.

Sister city[edit]

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Coordinates: 3°54′00″S 38°22′59″W / 3.900°S 38.383°W / -3.900; -38.383