Ar Rahaliyah

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Ar Rahaliyah
Ar Rahaliyah is located in Iraq
Ar Rahaliyah
Ar Rahaliyah
Coordinates: 32°45′0″N 43°24′36″E / 32.75000°N 43.41000°E / 32.75000; 43.41000
Country  Iraq
Province Al-Anbar

Ar Rahaliyah (Arabic: الرحالية‎, or Rahhaliyah, Rahaliya) is an Iraqi town in Al-Anbar Governorate, near the western shore of Lake Milh.

In 1921 Rahaliya, along with Shithathah, was noted for its "immense" groves for palm date production.[1]


The Rahaliyah area is recognised for the remains of early Christian churches, some of which may have been erected as martyrions.[2]

View from the town police station


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