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Developer(s) Walter Landry
Initial release February 2003; 13 years ago (2003-02)
Stable release
2.2.4 / November 16, 2005; 10 years ago (2005-11-16)
Development status Unmaintained
Operating system Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Type Revision control
License GPL

ArX is a distributed version control system. ArX began as a fork of GNU arch, and is licensed under the GPL. Since the fork, ArX has been extensively rewritten in C++, with many new features. The project maintainer is Walter Landry.


Landry was, for a short time, the maintainer of Arch, and forked ArX when Tom Lord resumed maintainership of Arch and did not accept some of Landry's development directions.[1][2] The fork was announced in January 2003 and the first code was released in February.[3][4] For a time ArX shared a mailing list and community with Arch, but Landry founded a new mailing list in August 2003 and the pre-release series became the 1.0 release series in December.[5][6] The 2.0 series, which was incompatible with Arch, became public in October 2004.[7]


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