Ar Rakiyat

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Ar Rakiyat
Abandoned village
Courtyard of Ar Rakiyat Fort
Courtyard of Ar Rakiyat Fort
Ar Rakiyat is located in Qatar
Ar Rakiyat
Ar Rakiyat
Location in Qatar
Coordinates: 26°3′2″N 51°7′49″E / 26.05056°N 51.13028°E / 26.05056; 51.13028Coordinates: 26°3′2″N 51°7′49″E / 26.05056°N 51.13028°E / 26.05056; 51.13028
Country Qatar
Municipality Ash Shamal

Ar Rakiyat (Arabic: الركية‎) is a village in Qatar, located in the municipality of Ash Shamal. From the 19th to 20th centuries, the village obtained its water supply from the freshwater well in Ar Rakiyat Fort. The fort also provided refuge for its population in times of conflict.[1]


Ar Rakiyat is an Arabic term used to denote a low area that has been excavated, typically for a well. It was named this in reference to the well in Ar Rakiyat Fort.[2]


In J. G. Lorimer's Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Ar Rakiyat is described as a settlement 5 miles northwest of Zubarah and which is characterized by its ruined fort.[3] Nearby abandoned settlements include Al Khuwayr, Al `Arish, Freiha and Ain Mohammed.[4]


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