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Ara or ara may refer to:


Arts, media, and entertainment[edit]

  • Ara (film), a 2008 Turkish drama directed by Ümit Ünal
  • Ara (newspaper), a Catalan-language daily newspaper from Barcelona


Given name[edit]

  • Ara, a diminutive of the Russian feminine given name Avrora (a form of Aurora)
  • Ara Bartlett (fl. 1825–1880), American lawyer and judge

Armenian given name[edit]

Korean given name[edit]

  • Go Ara (born 1990), South Korean actress and model
  • Yoo Ara (born 1992), South Korean singer and dancer; leader of the girl group Hello Venus


  • Guido Ara (1888–1975), Italian association football player
  • Seiji Ara (born 1974), Japanese race car driver

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