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Ara Baliozian (Armenian: Արա Պալիոզեան, born December 10, 1936, Athens, Greece) is an Armenian author, translator, and critic. He received his education at the Mekhitarist College of Moorat-Raphael in Venice, Italy, where he also studied economics and political science at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. He now lives in Ontario, Canada, where he devotes his full time to writing. He has been published in both Armenian and English. He is also the winner of many prizes and government grants for his literary work,[citation needed] which includes fiction, drama, literary criticism, and translations from Armenian, French and Italian. He now mostly posts his works on different Armenian internet discussion boards.

Memoirs and fiction[edit]

  1. The Horrible Silence: An Autobiographical Novella (Maral Press, 1982)
  2. In the New World (Voskedar, 1982)
  3. The Call of the Crane/The Ambitions of a Pig (Voskedar, 1983)
  4. The Greek Poetess and Other Writings (Impressions Publishers, 1988)

Historiographical works[edit]

  1. The Armenians: Their History and Culture (AGBU Ararat Press, 1980)
  2. The Armenian Genocide & The West (Impressions Publishers, 1984)
  3. Armenia Observed: An Anthology

Critical works[edit]

  1. Portrait of a Genius and Other Essays (A/G Press, 1980)
  2. Views/Reviews/Interviews: Critical Articles, Conversations (A/G Press, 1982)
  3. Voices of Fear (Impressions Publishers, 1989)
  4. Perseverance: Ara Baliozian and the Armenian Cause (Impressions Publishers, 1990)
  5. That Promising Reality: New Visions & Values, The Armenian Revival (Impressions Publishers, 1992)
  6. Definitions: A Critical Companion to Armenian History and Culture (Impressions Publishers, 1998)
  7. Unpopular Opinions (Impressions Publishers, 1998)
  8. Fragmented Dreams: Armenians in Diaspora
  9. Intimate Talk
  10. Undiplomatic Observations
  11. Pages from my Diary: 1986–1995
  12. Conversations with Nazali Bagdasarian


  1. Puzant Granian, My Land, My People
  2. Puzant Granian, Selected Poems / 1936–1982
  3. Zabel Yessayan, The Gardens of Silihdar & Other Writings (Ashod Press, 1982)
  4. Gostan Zarian, The Traveller & His Road (Ashod Press, 1981)
  5. Gostan Zarian, Bancoop & the Bones of the Mammoth (Ashod Press, 1982)
  6. Gostan Zarian, The Island & A Man (Kar Publishing House, 1983)
  7. Krikor Zohrab, Zohrab: An Introduction (Kar Publishing House, 1985)


  1. From Plato to Sartre: Wisdom for Armenians (ISBN 0-931539-12-9)
  2. Armenian wisdom : A Treasury of Quotations & Proverbs (2nd ed ISBN 0-931539-08-0)
  3. Dictionary of Armenian Quotations (Impressions Publishers, 1998)


The Ara Baliozian Story:Going against the Grain..

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