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Arab–Israeli War (disambiguation)

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Arab–Israeli War may refer to:

  • 1948 Arab–Israeli War, the first Arab–Israeli war from 15 May 1948 until 10 March 1949
  • 1947–1949 Palestine war, known in Hebrew as the War of Independence or the War of Liberation, and in Arabic as The Nakba or "Catastrophe."
  • 1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine
  • Suez Crisis, the second Arab–Israeli war, a military attack by Britain, France, and Israel on Egypt from 29 October and 7 November 1956, with the intention to occupy the Sinai Peninsula and to take over the Suez Canal
  • Six-Day War, the third Arab–Israeli war fought between Israel and Egyptian Republic, Jordan, and Syria from 5 until 10 June 1967
  • War of Attrition, war fought between Israel and Egyptian Republic, the USSR, Jordan, Syria, and the Palestine Liberation Organization from 1 July 1967 until 7 August 1970
  • Yom Kippur War, the fourth Arab–Israeli war fought by a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel as a way of recapturing part of the territories which they lost to the Israelis in the Six-Day War from 6 until 25 October 1973
  • 1982 Lebanon War, Israel Defense Forces invasion of southern Lebanon from 6 June 1982 until June 1985
  • 2006 Lebanon War, a military conflict in Lebanon, northern Israel and the Golan Heights involving Hezbollah paramilitary forces and the Israeli military from 12 July until 14 August 2006

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