Arab British Helicopter Company

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Arab British Helicopter Company
Native name
الشركة العربية البريطانية للمروحيات
Traded as ABHCO
Industry Aeronautical Manufacturing
Headquarters Helwan, Egypt, Egypt
Parent Arab Organization for Industrialization

The Arab British Helicopter Company (ABHCO), (Arabic:الشركة العربية البريطانية للمروحيات) an affiliate of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI), is an Anglo-Italiano-Egyptian joint venture which manufactured the Westland Gazelle under licence in Egypt. AgustaWestland controls half of the venture. The factory is located in Helwan, 18 miles south of Cairo.[1] Later the Westland Lynx helicopters and their Rolls-Royce Gem engines were also manufactured under licence.[2][dubious ]


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