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Based on an idea by Samer Mohdad author and photographer, the Arab Images Foundation was officially registered in Beirut, Lebanon in 2004. The Arab Images Foundation has informally started its activities much earlier through personal involvement of its founding members. As soon as 1993, it reintroduced artistic photography in Lebanon by organizing the first post conflict photography exhibition during the first publication of the book ‘’les enfants de la guerre, Liban 1985-1992’’ (Children of war, 1985–1992). The Arab Images Foundation members' activities have centered on creating an institutional collection of regional historical photographs in Saudi Arabia in 2000. Nowadays the main activity of the Arab Images Foundations wraps around preserving and safe keeping of the Arabic photography heritage. This purpose materialises by producing and realising books and photography exhibitions, by promoting, rehabilitating, conservation and diffusing historical and contemporary works.

The Arab Images Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the safeguard of modern and contemporary visual arts, that has been rendering services in the field of civil society development, by pointing the lights on the daily life of local populations in the Arab World. By using photography as a medium of communication, it aims at showing what is out of the media’s focus.

The MES ENTENTES[1] project sets itself within the framework of AFKAR, a project led by the European Community and overseen by the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) in collaboration with the European Delegation in Lebanon. The project is carried through by the Arab Images Foundation (AIF) and aims at analyzing the return of displaced people in the region of Mount Lebanon, more specifically in the cazas of the Chouf, Aley, Baabda and Metn.


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