Arab League–Russia relations

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Russian-Arab relations
Map indicating locations of Russia and Arab League


Arab League

Russia–Arab League relations include various contacts between the Russian Federation and the multi-state Arab organization. The Russian Federation maintains various contacts with the Arab League and plays a mediating role in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Russian-Arab Business Council[edit]

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev in the Arab League Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.

The Russian-Arab Business Council is an organization that develops the trade and economic relations between Russia and the Arab countries and provides assistance in establishing business contacts between businessmen. It has already established a Russia-based TV station called Rusiya al Youm (ar:روسيا اليوم) meaning Russia Today, in Arabic. It is the first Russian station to be aired in the Arabic language.


 Arab League  Russia
Population 407,251,880 (2018) 146,793,744 (2018)
Area 13,953,041 km² (5,382,910 sq mi) 17,075,400 km² (6,592,800 sq mi)
Population density 24.33/km² (63/sq mi) 8.3/km² (21.5/sq mi)
Capital Cairo Moscow
Largest city Cairo – 19,500,000 (20,439,541 Metro) Moscow – 10,126,424
Organization and type of government Regional organisation and political union Federal semi-presidential republic
Official languages Arabic Russian
Main religions 91% Islam, 5.8% Christianity, 4% others 73% Russian Orthodoxy, 13% Agnostic, 14% Islam
GDP (nominal) $2.821 trillion ($11,914 per capita) $1.610 trillion ($11,082 per capita)

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