Arab al-Na'im

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Arab al-Na'im
ערב א-נעים
عرب النعيم‎
Arab al-Na'im is located in Israel
Arab al-Na'im
Arab al-Na'im
Coordinates: 32°53′17″N 35°17′25″E / 32.887985°N 35.290232°E / 32.887985; 35.290232Coordinates: 32°53′17″N 35°17′25″E / 32.887985°N 35.290232°E / 32.887985; 35.290232
District Northern
Council Misgav
Population (2015)[1] 733

Arab al-Na'im (Arabic: عرب النعيم‎‎; Hebrew: ערב א-נעים‎‎) is a Bedouin village in northern Israel. Located in the Galilee near Karmiel, it falls under the jurisdiction of Misgav Regional Council. In 2015 its population was 733.


The village was only recognised by the state in 2000, following lobbying by surrounding Jewish villages and Misgav Regional Council, and it was connected to municipal services after that time. Following the institution of a master plan for the village, the first permanent masonry-built houses were constructed in the village beginning in 2014. Formerly wood and metal temporary shacks, the village is currently undergoing a transformation with new houses and villas springing up, as well as new sewers and roads. In 2015 a new metaled road to the village was constructed from a new roundabout at the entrance to the adjacent community of Eshhar. At the Israeli legislative election 2015 77% of the votes were cast for Likud (its largest share in all of Israel), followed by the Joint List with 15%. The voter turnout was 61%.[2]

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