Arab on Radar

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Arab on Radar
Origin Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Genres Noise rock, no wave
Years active 1994–2002, 2010
Associated acts The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, Made in Mexico, Doomsday Student
Website Official website
Members Eric Paul
Steve Mattos
Jeff Schneider
Craig Kureck
Past members Andrea Fiset

Arab on Radar was a Providence, Rhode Island-based noise rock band founded in 1994. They went on hiatus in 2002. Members of the band went on to form or join the bands The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, Made in Mexico, and most recently Doomsday Student. The band reformed in 2010 but promptly disbanded.


Arab on Radar in 2010 at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island

Arab on Radar's first show was in the cafeteria on the Rhode Island College campus.[citation needed]

While the band was opening for Marilyn Manson at a Providence club called Babyhead, they were chased out of the club by angry audience members.[1]

Arab on Radar's early sound was typified by thickly distorted, repeated bass grooves, 4/4 drum beats, and two deafening guitars that employed contrasting melodies and near-unison chords that drew comparisons to The Contortions. Their live shows often featured spitting, trisomic parody, and full nudity.

After Andrea Fiset's departure, the band developed a more abstract sound and they began to draw (often disparaging) comparisons to Sonic Youth. Arab on Radar may be considered catalysts for the revival of no wave (also called neo-no wave), a scene that began to gain popularity with bands like Lightning Bolt and The Locust in the early part of the 21st century.[citation needed]

Three One G released an Arab on Radar DVD entitled Sunshine for Shady People in 2008. It includes a short documentary and footage from a number of live performances.

All of Arab on Radar's album cover art was created by Matt Brinkman.

On April 13, 2010 Justin Pearson announced on his Facebook page that Arab on Radar reformed. On April 26, Skin Graft Records announced that Arab on Radar would perform at Dude Fest 2010, with more tour dates to follow.[2] The band did tour the east coast, however they cancelled west coast dates and their new album's recording session(s) for unknown reasons.

In an interview with the New York Press, the band responded to a question on how their politics have changed over the years:

The four of us never use or view the band as a political platform. We like to keep the band separate from our views although there have been times that we've adhered to certain questionable belief systems to get through airport security.[3]

In February 2017 guitarist of Arab On Radar, Jeff Schneider (aka Mr. Clinical Depression) authored the definitive story of Arab On Radar in the way of a memoir titled "Psychiatric Tissues" which details the bands touring, recording, and performing history. This book is a personal memoir that will be released by Pig Roast Publishing, a book publishing company founded by Jeff Schneider for the purpose of publishing books as an, "Underground, weird, interesting, Music/Art related Book Publishing Company." [4]



  • Untitled cassette tape (1995)
  • Kangaroo single (1996)
  • Queen Hygiene II (1997)
  • "Swimming with a Hard-On" single (1998)
  • Rough Day at the Orifice (1998)
  • Split 7" with The Locust (1999)
  • Soak the Saddle (1999)
  • Yahweh or the Highway (2001)
  • Split single with Kid Commando (2002)
  • The Stolen Singles (2003)


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