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Araba may refer to :

Places and jurisdictions[edit]

  • the Ancient Arab Kingdom of Araba, a Roman-Parthian buffer state in modern Iraq
  • Basque name of Álava, a province and medieval bishopric (now Latin titular see) in the autonomous Basque country, northern Spain
  • Arabah, a section of the Great Rift Valley
  • Arraba, Israel, an Arab-Israeli town in Israel
  • Arraba, Jenin, a Palestinian village in the West Bank


  • Araba (album), a 1999 album by Mustafa Sandal
  • Araba (carriage), a carriage (such as a cab or coach) used in Turkey and neighbouring countries; also spelled aroba
  • Araba Formation, in palaeozoic geology
  • Araba people, an indigenous Australian people of Queensland, Australia
  • Araba (title), a chieftaincy title that may be held by a Yoruba priest of the oracle.

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