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Arabesk Network Cooperation Project was a "network alignment project", an unofficial and non-binding airline alliance, comprising members of Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO).

This network alignment group was founded in 2006, after a year of preparation with technical assistance from Sabre Airline Solutions, by the following seven airlines:[1]

In 2007 these were joined by:[2]

The project aimed to boost market share and coordinate schedules, reduce duplication on routes and link the destinations network of its members, which stretched from North America to East Asia.[3] At that time, Arab airline operators were generally not included in the major airline alliances, partly because of their relatively small market share.[4]

As well as coordinating schedules, the Arabesk carriers consolidated joint fuel purchasing under the AACO umbrella, and other supplies.[4] Abdul Wahab Teffaha, Secretary General of AACO, explained, “This is not an airline alliance, but a unique grouping of carriers from a single region designed to help members realise better commercial potential, through schedule coordination.”[5]

The project continued until the end of the decade.[6]


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