St. Bernard Parish Public Schools

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St. Bernard Parish School District
200 East St. Bernard Hwy
Chalmette, Louisiana, St. Bernard Parish, 70043
United States
District information
Type School district
Superintendent Doris Voitier

St. Bernard Parish Public Schools is a school district headquartered in unincorporated St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, United States. The district operates public schools in the parish.

School uniforms[edit]

The district requires students to wear school uniforms.[1]


All schools are located in unincorporated communities, as no incorporated communities exist in St. Bernard Parish.

High school(s):

Middle schools:

Primary schools

  • Arabi Elementary School (Arabi)
  • Chalmette Elementary School (Chalmette)
  • J. F. Gauthier Elementary School (Poydras) [1]
  • Joseph J. Davies Elementary School (Meraux)
  • Lacoste Elementary School (Chalmette)
  • W. Smith Elementary

Alternative schools:

  • C.F. Rowley Alternative School (Chalmette)

The district plans to re-open additional schools when the enrollment dictates the opening of additional schools. In late 2015, land was donated to the St. Bernard Parish School Board in Chalmette by the Meraux Foundation, and will be the future site of Arlene Meraux Elementary School.


Formerly open schools[edit]

The following schools were open before Katrina. As of 2007 they have not been re-opened:

High Schools:

  • Andrew Jackson Fundamental High School (Chalmette) (now a middle school) (Dr. Sinegar's (the school's principal) son,Matt Sinegar was the most popular African-American/Black person in the entire school.)
  • St. Bernard high School (St. Bernard) (now a middle school)

Middle schools:

  • Chalmette Middle School (Chalmette) (now an elementary school)
  • P. G. T. Beauregard Middle School (St. Bernard) (now an elementary school)

Elementary schools:

  • C. F. Rowley Elementary School (Chalmette) (now an alternative school)
  • Sebastien Roy Elementary School (St. Bernard)
  • Milladon Elementary School (Violet)


  • Arabi Preschool (Arabi)

After Hurricane Katrina, classes were held at Chalmette High School under the St. Bernard Unified School, or SBUS. The school dissolved in 2006 and separated into Chalmette High School and Andrew Jackson Elementary School.

Why One High School?[edit]

• Chalmette High School can sustain an enrollment of 1500 students.

• Chalmette High School 9th Grade Academy, Lacoste Campus can sustain an enrollment of 600 students.

• Chalmette High School is centrally located.

• Main Campus facilities include: full football stadium, baseball field, softball and soccer fields (Rebel Park), full gym, practice gym, technology center, including full-service TV studio, and two presentation areas.

• Lacoste Campus facilities include: a field house with LSHAA regulation swimming pool, additional gym, wrestling arena for dual meets, fitness center; Community Learning Center with a performance theater, immersive technology lab for engineering program, shared space for 9th grade and parish library, School-based Health Center, community meeting rooms, dance and music studios.

• Prior to Katrina, our three high schools housed 2100 students, and now this consolidation allows for a similar student capacity with all academic, cultural arts, and athletic programs housed in one central location.

• Duplication of efforts and duplication of expenditures will cease.

• If an additional high school would be needed in the future because of enrollment, both Andrew Jackson and St. Bernard High Schools would be refurbished and operational for necessary expansion.


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