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Arabian Gulf University
جامعة الخليج العربي
Arabian Gulf University logo.png
Established 1980; 35 years ago (1980)
President Khalid A. N. AL Ohaly
Principal Khalid A. N. AL Ohaly
Location Manama, Bahrain
Campus Urban
Website Official website

Arabian Gulf University (AGU) is a university in the city of Manama, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Bahrain, and governed by Gulf Cooperative Countries, and is a member of Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World.[1][2][3] Entry into the university is restricted to GCC nationals, with other Arab nationals considered only if vacancies are available.[4]


The PGRFU uses the name "Arabian Gulf", which is used by the Arab states of the Persian Gulf to refer to the body water internationally known[5] as the Persian Gulf.


The concept of the university was established after the fourth meeting of the General Convention of Arab Education for the Gulf, in 1979.[6] The university was established by six GCC Countries countries and Iraq in 1980.[7] The current president of the Arabian Gulf University is Khalid A. N. AL Ohaly and the current vice-president is Dr. Khaled Tabbara.[8]


The Arabian Gulf University consists of two colleges and a school:

College of Medicine and Medical Sciences[edit]

The decision to establish the college of medicine and medical sciences was taken on 30 March 1980 by the General Council of Ministers of Education in the GCC Countries. The first batch of students were received when 37 students was admitted to the Pre-Medical Programme of the College in October 1982.[9] The first class graduated during the academic year of 1989/90. The university admits up to 150 students annually from across the GCC.[9] In 2009, there were approximately 797 students studying at the university. Since 1982, female students outnumbered male students with the ratio currently being 41:12.[9]

The college follows a problem-based learning curriculum where teaching and learning are carried out through an integrated organ-system based process with the faculty members acting as facilitators to small groups of students.[9]


A 6-year undergraduate medical program is available, leading to the M.D qualification.[10] The program is divided into three phases:[11]

  • Basic Sciences Phase, which is Year 1.
  • Medical Sciences Phase, which include years 2, 3, 4.
  • Clinical Clerkships Phase, which include years 5, 6.

Graduate programs include a Diploma and Master of Science in:[11]

  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Health Professions Education - (Under Review)
  • Health Policy and Population Studies - (Under Review)

And a Doctorate in Molecular Medicine

College of Graduate Studies[edit]

The College of Graduate Studies was established in 1994 as a result of a merger between the Faculty of Applied Science and the Faculty of Education.[12] The college primarily focuses on special education training and technology as well as technical studies. Including the previous faculties, more than 500 students have graduated from the college since 1988.[12]


Programs offered by the university that can be taken at a Masters or a master's level diploma are:[13]

The university also offers both a Masters and a PhD. in the Gifted Education program.[13]

French Arabian Business School[edit]

The French Arabian Business School (FABS) was established in 2007 as a result of an agreement between the Arabian Gulf University and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The school cooperates with the ESSEC Business School, which is one of the foremost business schools and Grandes Écoles in France and one of Europe’s top business schools.[15] The school offers a Masters of Business Administration course in English.[16]


The university medical centre

The University's campus is in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. It is located within the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), together with the College of Health Sciences and the Salmaniya Hospital.[17] In January 2011, it was announced that the Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group would establish, manage and also operate the university's medical centre.[18]

AGU also hosts the French Arabian School of Management and Finance, created in 2007.[19]


The Arabian Gulf University publishes original research in the field of pure and applied sciences in its journal. the Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research.[20]

Along with Professor Moiz Bakhiet, the Arabian Gulf University owns patent rights to a new polypeptide (ISRAA) designed to help the immune system fight AIDS and other diseases.[21][22]

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