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Araceli Segarra (born March 1970 in Lleida, Spain) is the first Spanish woman to climb to the summit of Mount Everest.[1] She has also climbed Broad Peak (Attempt, 1991), Kanchenjunga (Attempts, 2001 and 2005), Shishapangma (Summit, 1992), and K2 (Attempt, 2002), among others.[2]

Education and personal interests[edit]

Segarra has a degree in Physiotherapy. She became interested in mountain sports at age 15 when taking a spelunking course; she also enjoys randonee skiing, rock climbing, and ice climbing.


In 1996, while being filmed for the IMAX documentary, EVEREST (1998), she participated on the rescue team during the May 1996 Mount Everest disaster and is credited with the idea of marking a rescue helicopter landing location with an "X" made of red Kool-Aid.[3]

In addition to her climbing career, she has written and illustrated several children's books.[citation needed]

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