Arachis glabrata

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Arachis glabrata
Arachis glabrata.jpg
Scientific classification
A. glabrata
Binomial name
Arachis glabrata

Arachis glabrata (Creeping forage peanut, Rhizoma peanut, Rhizoma perennial peanut, Perennial forage peanut, Golden Glory, Ornamental Peanut Grass; Portuguese common names included Amendoim-forrageiro, Amendoim-bravo, Amendoim-do-campo-baixo) is a high quality forage plant native to Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay vegetation. This plant is also used for soil conservation and as an ornamental plant.

It is often cultivated together as a following grass species: Axonopus affinis, Axonopus fissifolius, Brachiaria decumbens, Cynodon dactylon, Digitaria eriantha, Paspalum nicorae, and Paspalum notatum. These legume species are also cited as a companion species: Aeschynomene villosa, Medicago sativa, and Trifolium repens.

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