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For the village, see Aragatsotn (village).
Location of Aragatsotn within Armenia
Location of Aragatsotn within Armenia
Coordinates: 40°25′N 44°10′E / 40.417°N 44.167°E / 40.417; 44.167Coordinates: 40°25′N 44°10′E / 40.417°N 44.167°E / 40.417; 44.167
Country Armenia
Capital Ashtarak
 • Governor Sargis Sahakyan
 • Total 2,756 km2 (1,064 sq mi)
Area rank 5th
Population (2011)
 • Total 132,925[1]
 • Rank 9th
Time zone UTC+04
Postal code 0201-0514
ISO 3166 code AM.AG
FIPS 10-4 AM01
Website official website

Aragatsotn (Armenian: Արագածոտն, Armenian pronunciation: [ɑɾɑɡɑˈt͡sɔtən]), is a province (marz) of Armenia. It is located at the western part of the country. The capital and largest city of the province is the town of Ashtarak.

Literally meaning "the foot of Aragats" (the highest mountain of the Republic of Armenia), it is named after the Aragatsotn canton of the historic Ayrarat province of Ancient Armenia, ruled by the Amatuni noble family under the reign of the Arsacid Dynasty.

The province is primarily inhabited by Armenians with a significant Yazidi Kurdish minority.

Aragatsotn's western edge forms part of Armenia's border with Turkey. It also has domestic borders with Shirak Province from the north, Lori Province from the northeast, Kotayk Province from the east, Armavir Province from the south and the city of Yerevan from the southwest.


Fortresses and castles[edit]

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The province of Aragatsotn consists of the following 114 communities (hamaynkner), of which 3 are considered urban and 111 are considered rural.[2]

Towns or urban communities[edit]

Image City (town) Region Founded Land area (km2) Population (2011 census)
Aparan cropped.jpg Aparan Aragatsotn 2nd century (first mentioned) 3.5 6,451
P8252523 Ashtarak.JPG Ashtarak Aragatsotn 9th century (first mentioned) 7.5 19,615
Talin town.jpg Talin Aragatsotn 2nd century (first mentioned) 7 5,310

Villages or rural communities[edit]

Non-community villages[edit]

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