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Arago may refer to:


  • Aragó, a family name of the kings of the Aragonese Crown
  • Juan Arago (1788-1836), a brigadier-general in the Mexican army, and brother of François, Jacques, and Étienne
  • François Arago (1786-1853), a French mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and politician, and brother of Juan, Jacques, and Étienne
  • Jacques Arago (1790-27 November 1855) was a French writer, artist and explorer, and brother of Juan, François, and Étienne
  • Étienne Arago (1802–1892), a French journalist, theater director, politician, and co-founder of Le Figaro, and brother of Juan, François, and Jacques
  • Josep Riera i Aragó (born 1954), Catalan artist



Outer space[edit]


  • USC&GS Arago, the name of more than one ship of the United States Coast Survey and United States Coast and Geodetic Survey
  • USS Arago (1861), an armed survey ship that served in the United States Navy from 1861 to 1863
  • SS Arago (1855), a steam ship used for mail and passenger service and, during the American Civil War, as a troop transport.
  • Arago (ship), the first steel ship launched by the San Francisco shipyards in the 19th century

Other uses[edit]