Arago (Martian crater)

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Arago Crater
MOLA map, showing Arago crater and other nearby craters. Colors indicate elevations, Arago is mapped on the lower right end.
Planet Mars
Region Arabia quadrangle
Coordinates 10°13′N 29°56′E / 10.22°N 29.93°E / 10.22; 29.93Coordinates: 10°13′N 29°56′E / 10.22°N 29.93°E / 10.22; 29.93
Diameter 152/35 km
Eponym François Arago

Arago is a small impact crater in the Arabia quadrangle on Mars at 10.22 N and 29.93° E. and is 152.35  km in diameter and is in the northernmost of Terra Sabaea. Its name was approved in 1973 and is named after the French astronomer François Arago.[1] Most of the crater is flat.

Nearby named prominent craters include Cassini to the north, the large Tikhonravov to the east, Janssen to the southeast, Tuscaloosa to the south, Henry to the west and Pasteur to the north-northwest.

Just south of the crater rim is Naktong Vallis and north of the crater is Scamander Vallis.


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