Aragon autonomous basketball team

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Flag of Aragon.svg
FIBA ranking N/A
Joined FIBA N/A
National federation Aragonese Basketball Federation
Coach José Luis Abós
Olympic Games
Appearances N/A
Medals N/A
FIBA World Cup
Appearances N/A
Medals N/A
Appearances N/A
Medals N/A

The Aragon autonomous basketball team is the basketball team of Aragon. The team is not affiliated to FIBA, so only plays friendly games.


The first appearance of Aragon team was in 2005, in Zaragoza and they were defeated in the overtime by Uruguay.[1] Next year, another friendly game was played this time at Huesca with Lithuania, and the team was defeated again.[2]

Aragon played a total of five games.[3]

Games played[edit]

28 June 2003
Aragon  75–77 OT  Uruguay
Scoring by quarter: 16–19, 2512, 11–19, 18–20OT: 5–7
Pts: Vidaurreta 19 Pts: Mazzarino 16
Pabellón Príncipe Felipe, Zaragoza
Attendance: 4,500
Referees: Gallo, Peruga
23 June 2004
Aragon  68–88  Lithuania
Scoring by quarter: 13–24, 22–20, 20–21, 13–25
Pts: A. Angulo 20 Pts: Serapinas 16
Palacio de Deportes, Huesca
Attendance: 2,500
Referees: Grazauskas, Peruga
2 July 2005
Aragon  78–82  Cuba
Scoring by quarter: 21–20, 20–19, 23–19, 14–24
Pts: Biota 24 Pts: Jennott 21
Pabellón Los Planos, Teruel
Attendance: 1,300
Referees: Gallo, Estrada
24 June 2006
Aragon  92–69  Japan
20 June 2007
Castile and León  104–79  Aragon
Pts: González 15 Pts: Legasa 26
Pabellón Marta Domínguez, Palencia
Referees: Carpallo, Cuesta


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