Aragonese people

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Regions with significant populations
Spanish (majority), Aragonese, Catalan (minorities).
Roman Catholicism[1]
Related ethnic groups
Romance peoples, including other Spanish peoples

The Aragonese (Aragonese and Spanish: aragoneses, Catalan: aragonesos) are the people self-identified with the historical region of Aragon, in inland northeastern Spain. Their Aragonese language, which might have been spoken in the whole of the Kingdom of Aragon, Kingdom of Navarre and La Rioja in the Middle Ages, is nowadays a seriously endangered language, natively spoken only by a few thousands in some northern villages.

Most Aragonese (90% or more) speak the Spanish language in its northern form but with some regional traits, particularly in intonation and vocabulary. The use of the native Aragonese language is decreasing and maybe dying out. In the easternmost areas, La Franja, varieties of the Catalan language are spoken by about 90% of the Population.[2]


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