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Arahan Poster.jpg
Korean promotional poster for Arahan
Revised Romanization Arahan jangpung daejakjeon
McCune–Reischauer Arahan changp‘ung daejakjŏn
Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan
Produced by Kim Mi-hee
Written by Ryoo Seung-wan
Eun Ji-hee
Yu Seon-dong
Starring Ryoo Seung-bum
Yoon So-yi
Ahn Sung-ki
Jung Doo-hong
Edited by Nam Na-yeong
Distributed by Cinema Service
Release date
  • April 30, 2004 (2004-04-30)
Running time
114 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

Arahan (Hangul아라한 장풍 대작전; RRArahan jangpung daejakjeon) is a 2004 South Korean film. The film was the third feature film directed by Ryoo Seung-wan and stars the director's brother Ryoo Seung-bum along with Yoon So-yi, Ahn Sung-ki and Jung Doo-hong. The film was a relative commercial success, selling over 2 million tickets domestically, but wasn't as well received by critics as Ryoo Seung-wan's previous films.


When a thief driving a motorcycle steals a purse of a pedestrian, the clumsy, naive and honest rookie policeman Sang-hwan runs after him, but Eui-jin, specialist in martial arts, captures the criminal swang and Sang-hwan is severely injured. She brings Sang-hwan to her home, where the six Masters of Tao heal him and believe that he has a powerful Qi, the spiritual energy of the universe, and could be a powerful warrior. Sang-hwan begins his training to ascend to a Maruchi, while the evil and ambitious Heuk-woon is accidentally released from his imprisonment. The powerful Heuk-woon attacks the masters, searching for a key that they protect, which would permit him to become an Arahan and dominate the world. When the masters are defeated, Sang-hwan and Eui-jin are the only and last hope to mankind.



  • In some humorous scenes, background music from the video game Yie Ar Kung-Fu is heard. The song is "Kung Fu" by King Joe featuring Red-Roc.

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