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Arakan Army
Leader(s) Twan Mrat Naing
Dates of operation April 10, 2009 (2009-04-10)-present
Active region(s) Kachin Independence Army-controlled areas, Kachin State Rakhine State
Ideology Self-determination for the Arakanese people

The Arakan Army (Burmese: ရက္ခိုင့်တပ်မတော်; abbreviated AA) is an Arakanese Buddhist rebel organization formed on 10 April 2009.[1] Their organization was fighting in the Kachin Conflict alongside the Kachin Independence Army against the Myanmar Armed Forces. According to Myanmar Peace Monitor, Arakan Amy has more than 1500 troops 2014[2] and already based in Rakhine State bordering to Bangladesh.[3][4][5] 27 August 2015, there was a clash between AA and Bangladesh border guard forces, with both sides opening fire near the Boro Modak area of Thanci in Bandaran District, near the shared Burma-Bangladesh border.

Nyo Twan Awng, the organization's second in command, stated that the organization’s purpose is "to protect our Arakan people, and to establish peace and justice and freedom and development." Twan Mrat Naing is currently chief in command of Arakan Army.


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