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Arakan Army

About Arakan Army

The Arakan Army (AA) was founded on 10 April 2009 to protect the people of Arakan, and to establish peace, justice, freedom and development in Arakan.

Our political objectives are as follow:

  1. Self-determination for the people of Arakan.
  2. Safeguard national identity and cultural heritage.
  3. Promote national dignity and Arakanese national interests.
General Twan Mrat Naing

The AA commander-in-chief is General Twan Mrat Naing and second-in-command is Col. Dr. Nyo Twan Awng.

The Headquarter of the AA is temporarily based in the KIA controlled areas of the Kachin State and now base in the northern part of Arakan-the areas boundering kyauk taw,rathedaung and buthidaung.

This is the Official Logo of Arakan Army. It was uploaded to its official website.


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Dr. Nyo Twan Awng