Arakan Army (Kayin State)

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Arakan Army
Participant in the internal conflict in Myanmar
Arakan State Army Flag.png
Active2010 (2010)–present
IdeologyRakhine nationalism[1]
LeadersColonel Min Zan Wai
HeadquartersMobile headquarters
Area of operationsKayin State
Size100[1]–350+[citation needed]
Part ofArakan National Council, United Nationalities Federal Council
Allies DKBA-5
Opponent(s) Myanmar Union of Myanmar (until 2011)
Battles and war(s)Internal conflict in Myanmar

The Arakan Army (Burmese: ရခိုင်ပြည်တပ်မတော်; abbreviated AA), also known as the Arakan State Army (abbreviated ASA), is a Rakhine insurgent group based in Kayin State, Myanmar.[1]


The Arakan Army's proclaimed objectives are as follows:[2]

  1. To gain the right to self-determination for the ethnic groups of Rakhine State.
  2. To safeguard the national identity and cultural heritage of the Rakhine people.
  3. To promote the national dignity and interests of the Rakhine people.
  4. To liberate every citizen and ethnic group of Myanmar from the [military] dictatorship.
  5. To ensure peace and development for all of humanity.


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