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Arakhin (Arachin, ערכין) (vows [of the value of a person]) is the fifth tractate in Seder Kodashim (holies).


Chapters 1–6, based on Leviticus 27:1–8, deal with the vows of donating one's prescribed value as part of the dedication to the Temple, as well as other gifts to bedek habayis, or the treasury of the Temple. Chapters 7-8 explain the redemption from the Temple of a field one has inherited as derived from Leviticus 27:16–25. Chapter 8 addresses 'the devoted thing' from Leviticus 27:28–29, while the last chapter deals with the laws of ancestral fields and houses in walled cities, in a walled city, and how they are redeemed based on the Leviticus 25:25–34.