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Aram may refer to:


  • Aram, son of Shem, according to the "Table of Nations" in Genesis 10
  • Aram-Naharaim (Aram of two Rivers), the land in which the city of Haran lay
  • Aram (biblical region), an ancient region containing the ancient state of Aram Damascus, located in modern Syria
  • Aram Rehob, an early Aramaean kingdom referred to in Numbers and Judges
  • Aram, son of Bethuel's elder brother, Kemuel, grandson of Abraham's elder brother, Nahor
  • Paddan Aram, an early Aramean kingdom in Mesopotamia referred to in Genesis


  • Iram of the Pillars, also called Aram, variously identified as a lost city on the Arabian Peninsula, a reference to biblical Aram, or the name of a tribe


  • The book of Aṟam, the first of the three books of the Kural literature


Given name

  • Aram (given name), a popular given name in Armenian, Aramaic, Kurdish and Persian languages
  • Aram, son of Harma, a king claimed by some as namesake of Armenia
  • Aram I (born 1947) Catholicos, head of the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia (Armenian Apostolic Church), Antelias, Lebanon

Family name

  • Abbas Aram (1906-?), Iranian diplomat and politician
  • Eugene Aram, English philologist and murderer
  • Kamrooz Aram (born 1978), Iranian American artist
  • M. Aram (born 1927), Indian educator and peace advocate

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