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Aramaic refers to the language of the Arameans.

Aramaic may also refer to:

  • Aramaic alphabet, adapted from the Phoenician alphabet and became distinctive from it by the 8th century BCE
  • Aramaic Democratic Organization (Aramean Democratic Organization), an Aramean political party in Lebanon
  • Aramaic history (disambiguation), of the Syriac people, their Christianity and the Aramaic language
  • Aramaic Lord's Prayer, a rendition from the Syriac Peshitta version of the New Testament
  • Aramaic Matthew, alludes to the "Hebrew Gospel hypothesis", a group of related theories that Matthew the Apostle wrote a gospel in the Hebrew language
  • Aramaic Music Festival, the First International Aramaic Music Festival held in Lebanon in 2008 for the Aramean/Syriac people
  • Aramaic New Testament, exists in two forms, "classical Aramaic" and "Assyrian Modern"
  • Aramaic of Hatra, inscriptions from the site of Hatra that were published in 1912
  • Aramaic of Jesus, alludes to a general scholarly agreement that Jesus and his disciples primarily spoke the Aramaic language
  • Assyrian people, a distinct ethnic group whose origins lie in ancient Mesopotamia and still speaks Aramaic
    • Arameans, a Northwest Semitic semi-nomadic and pastoralist people who originated in what is now modern Syria
  • Aramaic Targum, spoken paraphrases, explanations, and expansions of the Jewish scriptures
  • Biblical Aramaic, a form of the Aramaic language used in such biblical books as Daniel and Ezra
  • Middle Aramaic, spoken from the 3rd century CE into various periods of modern times in different areas
  • Neo-Aramaic languages, varieties of Aramaic that have been spoken from medieval times to the modern era
  • Old Aramaic, an ancient and extinct version of the Aramaic language

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