Aranadan language

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Aranadan language
Eranadan language
ഏറനാടൻ ഭാഷ
Native toIndia
RegionMalappuram District
Native speakers
200 in more accessible areas (2001 census)[1]
Malayalam script, Ponnani script
Language codes
ISO 639-3aaf

Aranadan or Eranadan[3] (ISO: ēṟanāṭan; Malayalam: ഏറനാടൻ; Arabic: ا٘يرَناڊَن‎) is a Dravidian language spoken by several hundred people, predominantly in the Malappuram District of Kerala state, India.[4] It is similar to Malayalam and Tamil, and also contains elements of the Kannada language.[5] It is also known as Aranatan or Malappuram Bhasha.


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