Aranese Democratic Convergence

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Aranese Democratic Convergence-Aranese Nationalist Party
Convergéncia Democratica Aranesa-Partit Nacionalista Aranès
President Carlos Barrera Sánchez
Founded March 30, 1995
Ideology Liberalism
Aranese autonomy
Catalan independence
Occitan nationalism
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation Democratic Convergence of Catalonia
Conselh Generau d'Aran
7 / 13
Town councillors in Val d'Aran
25 / 59

Aranese Democratic Convergence (Aranese: Convergéncia Democratica Aranesa, formerly Convergéncia Democratica Aranesa - Partit Nacionalista Aranés) is a political party in Val d'Aran that forms the Aranese section of CDC. CDA is, along with Unity of Aran, one of the two major parties of the comarca that contest elections for the Aranese General Council. It had been led for 30 years by Josep Luís Boya until Carlos Barrera Sánchez was elected as the new chairman in 2008.[1] The party gained 42.6% of the votes at the General Council elections in 2007.[2]


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