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Arantxa Peña (born 28 October 1972 in Barcelona, Spain) is a Spanish actress. She is known for her dark acting in horror, science fiction and independent films.


She arranged the studies of Philosophy with Scenic Arts while she began to playing. She was released in front of the camera playing "Grete", the sister of the main character in "The Metamorphosis of Franz Kafka" (1994), and since then it has developed a career centered mainly in dark personages within horror and science fiction genres. After her main role in Reportage of the Monument de Sonilles, episode of the televising series Cròniques de la veritat oculta, a Television of Catalonia's production based on fantasy tales by Pere Calders, and some shortfilms, she left for Argentina where she established a parenthesis in his career of few years. After his return to Spain it resumed his theater activity in the commercial cinema with Paco Plaza and in the independent cinema by the hand of Carlos Atanes.


Year Film Director
2009 Muñecas Rosa Márquez
2009 Noche Transfigurada Alexia Muiños
2009 Maquetas Carlos Vermut
2008 Scream Queen Carlos Atanes
2008 Omicron El Chico Morera
2008 Cleo, a girl like a mandolin Albert Pons
2008 Lesbos invaders from Outer Space! Víctor Conde
2007 CODEX ATANICUS Carlos Atanes
2007 Próxima Carlos Atanes
2004 Werewolf Hunter: The Legend Of Romasanta Paco Plaza
1998 Lisa Carlos Puyet
1996 Morfing Carlos Atanes
1996 Cròniques de la veritat oculta Carlos Benpar
1995 Metaminds & Metabodies Carlos Atanes
1994 The Metamorphosis of Franz Kafka Carlos Atanes

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