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Aranui High School
Shortland Street,
Coordinates 43°30′58.06″S 172°41′44.29″E / 43.5161278°S 172.6956361°E / -43.5161278; 172.6956361Coordinates: 43°30′58.06″S 172°41′44.29″E / 43.5161278°S 172.6956361°E / -43.5161278; 172.6956361
Type State, Co-educational, Secondary
Established 1960
Ministry of Education Institution no. 323
Principal Mr John Rohs
School roll 338[1] (July 2016)
Socio-economic decile 2D[2]

Aranui High School is a large secondary school for Years 9-13, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Aranui high school takes its name from the suburb of Aranui, meaning 'big pathway' in Maori translation. Aranui high school is a coeducational alternative to other secondary schools in Eastern Christchurch such as Linwood College and Mairehau high school.

By 2017, Aranui high school is expected to merge with Aranui, Wainoni and Avondale primary schools to form a new year 1-13 community campus which will be located at the current site of Aranui high school. Work on the community campus is expected to begin in 2015.

Aranui high school was opened in 1960. Despite its name, the school is located in the suburb of Wainoni.[3]


Aranui high school was established in 1960, and quickly grew into one of Christchurch's largest secondary school, with a peak roll of over 1600 students.

The school became a key community hub and helped to educate not only local Maori and Pacifika students, but also Pakeha and other ethnicities well beyond the Aranui community limits.

During the magnitude 6.3 earthquake on 22 February, the school suffered only moderate damage but was forced to close for nearly a month. As a result of the earthquake the school experienced a significant decline in its school role.

In 2013, Education Minister Hekia Parata announced that Aranui High school would be merged with local primary schools, including Wainoni, Aranui and Avondale Primary to form a year 1-13 community campus.


  • Kahikatea
  • Kauri
  • Kowhai
  • Rimu

Notable alumni[edit]


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