Aranyaprathet District

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Aranyaprathet District (Thai: อรัญประเทศ) is a district (amphoe) in Sa Kaeo Province in Thailand. It borders Cambodia to the east.

Boundary at Aranyaprathet
Boundary at Aranyaprathet
Amphoe location in Sa Kaeo Province
Amphoe location in Sa Kaeo Province
Coordinates: 13°42′3″N 102°30′42″E / 13.70083°N 102.51167°E / 13.70083; 102.51167Coordinates: 13°42′3″N 102°30′42″E / 13.70083°N 102.51167°E / 13.70083; 102.51167
Country  Thailand
Province Sa Kaeo
Seat Ban Mai Nong Sai
 • Total 821.265 km2 (317.092 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 86,103
 • Density 101.3/km2 (262/sq mi)
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Geocode 2706


Until the Khmer Rouge disrupted neighbouring Cambodia in 1975, Aranyaprathet was a stop on the railroad connecting Bangkok with the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. Aranyaprathet maintains its rail link with Bangkok but Poipet, the neighbouring Cambodian town, is still yet to see any rail activity since the Khmer Rouge destroyed the track.

Southeast of central Aranyaprathet, 6 km away, is the busiest border crossing between Cambodia and Thailand. In addition to being on a major trade route, the border sees much tourist activity as it is on the road between Bangkok and Siem Reap, the town nearest Angkor Wat.

Aran, as the town is known in Thailand, has been affected by the growth of the gambling industry in Poipet. Despite gambling being illegal in both Thailand and Cambodia, the Cambodian government has granted concessions for casinos to be built at many of its land crossings. Cambodians are not permitted to gamble in the casinos. Poipet's proximity to Bangkok (3-5 hrs by road) has made it the most popular of these border casino areas. It now hosts seven casinos.


Aranyaprathet was originally a district within the province Kabin Buri. On 1 April 1926 the province was abolished and the two districts Mueang Kabin Buri and Aranyapathret became districts of Prachinburi Province.[1] In 1993 it was one of the districts which formed the new Sa Kaeo Province.


The district Aranyaprathet is divided into 13 sub-districts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 114 administrative villages (Muban).

No. Name Thai Villages Pop.[2]
01. Aranyaprathet อรัญประเทศ - 16,211
02. Mueang Phai เมืองไผ่ 08 04,307
03. Han Sai หันทราย 10 05,644
04. Khlong Nam Sai คลองน้ำใส 12 05,432
05. Tha Kham ท่าข้าม 11 04,845
06. Pa Rai ป่าไร่ 09 06,338
07. Thap Phrik ทับพริก 07 03,658
08. Ban Mai Nong Sai บ้านใหม่หนองไทร 08 09,634
09. Phan Suek ผ่านศึก 13 06,592
10. Nong Sang หนองสังข์ 08 07,009
11. Khlong Thap Chan คลองทับจันทร์ 10 04,713
12. Fak Huai ฟากห้วย 11 06,940
13. Ban Dan บ้านด่าน 07 04,780


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