Arap Islet

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Arap Island
Native name: Arap Adası
Arap Island is located in Turkey
Arap Island
Arap Island
Location Aegean Sea
Coordinates 36°39′5″N 28°8′48″E / 36.65139°N 28.14667°E / 36.65139; 28.14667
Area 0.025 km2 (0.0097 sq mi)
İl (province) Muğla Province
İlçe Marmaris

Arap Islet (Turkish: Arap Adası) is an uninhabited island of Turkey. According to Turkish Atlas it is situated on the borderline of Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.[1] Administratively it is a part of Marmaris ilçe (district) of Muğla Province at 36°39′5″N 28°8′48″E / 36.65139°N 28.14667°E / 36.65139; 28.14667.[2] It is very close to the mainland (Anatolia). The channel between the mainland and the island is quite shallow; no more than 6 metres (20 ft).[3] Its surface area is about 0.025 square kilometres (0.0097 sq mi).


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