Aras Agalarov

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Aras Agalarov
Агаларов, Арас Искендерович.png
Aras Agalarov
Born (1955-11-08) 8 November 1955 (age 61)
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet Union
Nationality Russian, Azerbaijani
Occupation Businessman, Developer
Net worth US$2 billion[1]

Aras Agalarov (Azerbaijani: Araz İsgəndər oğlu Ağalarov) (born 8 November 1955) is an Azeri businessman, developer, public figure and author of Russia: Reflections on the Way to the Market (1998). Born in Baku, he was educated at the Azerbaijan Polytechnical Institute. He moved with his family to Moscow in 1998, where he co-founded Crocus International along side his father-in-law, Iosif Yefgenevich, which specializes in trade fairs, where he still makes most of his money.

Agalarov then opened the first Crocus Inter store, which became a retail business that includes malls offering housewares. This moved him into property development, where he built the Crocus City Mall, the largest shopping centre in Moscow. Adjacent to this he then built the largest trade center in Russia on the outskirts of Moscow, Crocus Expo, and has since developed a luxury housing development.

Agalarov served as a liaison between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin[2]

As of April 2016, he had an estimated net worth of $1.29 billion, most of which is derived from his real estate ventures.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Agalarov is married and has two children, his son Emin Agalarov is a businessman and singer/songwriter. Emin was married to Leyla Aliyeva, the daughter of the current President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev until they divorced in May 2015. Agalarov has two twin boy grandchildren from his son's marriage.


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