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Arashan is located in Kyrgyzstan
Coordinates: 42°43′55″N 74°38′36″E / 42.73194°N 74.64333°E / 42.73194; 74.64333Coordinates: 42°43′55″N 74°38′36″E / 42.73194°N 74.64333°E / 42.73194; 74.64333
Country Kyrgyzstan
Region Chuy Region
District Alamüdün District
Population (2009)
 • Total 3,832

Arashan is a large village located just to the south of city of Bishkek, in northern Kyrgyzstan. Its population was 3,832 in 2009.[1] The road leading north to Bishkek (about 22 km to the centre) becomes the M39 highway which links Bishkek to Almaty in Kazakhstan in the northeast. Nearby settlements include Tash-Moynok just to the northeast and Besh-Küngöy along the main road to the north, Chong-Tash to the northwest, Vorontsovskoye to the southwest and Koy-Tash and Prokhladnoye to the southeast.[2] It lies in a fertile valley with lush green fields. There is a plantation to the north.[2]

Notable people[edit]


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