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Arashio stable (荒汐部屋, Arashio-beya?) is a stable of sumo wrestlers, part of the Tokitsukaze ichimon or group of stables. It was set up in June 2002 by former komusubi Ōyutaka, who branched off from Tokitsukaze stable. As of April 2013 it had twelve wrestlers. At the end of 2009 the stable produced its first and thus far only sekitori, the Chinese born (but ethnic Mongolian) Sōkokurai who in 2013 returned to active sumo after a 2-year absence when his dismissal for match-fixing was nullified by the courts. As of January 2016, the stable has 12 wrestlers.


Notable active wrestlers[edit]

See also: sekitori



Location and access[edit]

Tokyo, Chuo Ward, Nihonbashi Hamacho 2-47-2
3 minute walk from Hamachō Station on Toei Shinjuku Line

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